Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sacha Drake Misty & New Look

Sasha Drake Misty & New Look

Simplicity Creative Group - Misses' Dress

Yes another Sacha Drake favourite and you could replicate this look with New Look 6123 - minus the shawl neckline and the swishy skirt.  The ombre fabric is gorgeous - a silk chiffon - with a range of colours available from Tessuti.   If you love the style of New Look 6123 check out Mimi G's blog.  She has modified it to make a maxi dress version and has also made two other versions of this pattern including one in double knit. There is another version on Seam-ingly Sensational!  The verdict is that this pattern is a keeper! 


Rebecca Clarke said...

That is wonderful, it's a gorgeous dress but waaay out of my price range. I love the replicate and may have to invest in another pattern.

Susan Smith said...

 It is a gorgeous dress! When you see the cost of silk georgette per metre I can understand where the cost comes from. And Sacha's clothes are fabulous quality.  I don't think I could afford silk fabric though either and would be too scared to cut it!

mellita.hamwood said...

Oh, this is gorgeous!  I make knock-offs all the time for my girls, haven't even thought of doing it for myself yet... you've given me lots to think about, haha!