Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Colette Truffle Make This Look

Truffle Make This Look



This "Make This Look" features another one of my favourite designers, Maiocchi, who is also a Brisbane-based creative and a label I adore but alas cannot afford.  I was very excited though when I saw their summer releases including this little red number called "French Kiss".   "French Kiss" instantly reminded me of the Colette Truffle dress pattern which is published in the Colette Sewing Handbook.  The Maioochi version is made from a Viscose/Nylon/Linen blend fabric while the Truffle version can be made in the fabric of your choice depending on the look you want.  As described on the Colette website, "In a lightweight silk dupioni, it’s a super fancy little cocktail dress. In a cotton lawn, it’s a beautiful casual summer dress. In a silk crepe, it’s lovely and work appropriate with a cardigan. You can choose a stiff fabric for a dramatic peplum, or a drapey fabric for a more subtle ruffle effect. Basically, this dress gives you an opportunity to really consider the qualities of your fabric as a design element."  I love the belt on the Maiocchi version too which features a wooden flower buckle.  I did do a look through Etsy but couldn't see anything similar so it looks like my only option would be to purchase from in-store.  The Maiocchi version also features a back zipper and has a more fitted bodice.  I think it would be easy enough to adjust the Colette pattern to be similar, especially as I prefer the fitted bodice look.  Looks like I have another dress pattern to add to the sewing wish list!  

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becanne said...

Here are few buckles - not the same but similar. You could always get someone who does timber art to make you one. ( EG - )